Mets’ no-perfecto streak reaches 8,461 games

nonoIt was the New York Mets’ no no-hitter streak that gave birth to this website, so it’s fitting on the day of the Mets’ home opener (a great 2-0 victory) to note two still-running streaks.

Philadelphia shortstop Freddy Galvis’ 3rd-inning single off the Mets’ Jacob deGrom marked the 441nd game without a no-hitter since Johan Santana’s June 1, 2012 gem. It also marked the 8,461st regular season Mets game without a perfect game, but the no-perfecto streak is not nearly as remarkable at the team’s former 8,019 games without a no-hitter streak.

Several far-older franchises have failed to notch a perfect game, and the list includes the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves, the Chicago Cubs, the St. Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles, the Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Tigers. Newer clubs also without a perfecto include the Miami Marlins, the K.C. Royals, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Colorado Rockies, the Tampa Bay Rays and the San Diego Padres.

The Padres, of course, are the only team without any no-hitter, a streak that has gone 7,335 games through Sunday night. That’s 664 games shy of the Mets’ mark – a little over four seasons.

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