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nohittersjersey295Welcome to NoNoHitters.com, the online home for baseball’s 295 no-hitters.

For four-and-a-half seasons (2008-2012), this site dutifully logged the climbing count of New York Mets games without a no-hitter, which finally ended at 8,019 on June 1, 2012 when Johan Santana made history. During our four-and-a-half years chronicling baseball’s longest no-no drought from inception, we watched two of baseball’s newer franchises – the Colorado Rockies and the Tampa Bay Rays pass us on the baselines and exit the no-no club out of turn. But one team, the circa-1969 San Diego Padres, continues serve as its sole member.

We’ve expanded the role of NoNoHitters.com to focus on all things no-hitter, and we’re continuing to add a ton of new content. We still devote numerous pages to the continuing Padres streak, which you can learn about on our About our Padres pages page. We’ll keep the Padres’ no no-no count active until the Friars exit the no no-no club, and it can now be found under our Padres pages menu in the left sidebar.

You can learn about that now defunct New York Mets streak on our About Mets.NoNoHitters.com page, and we keep all of our older Mets pages archived on their own subsite at Mets.NoNoHitters.com.

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