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George Mullin
George Mullin
The Detroit Tigers, which began play in the American League in 1901, have thrown seven no-hitters over the franchise’s history.

George Mullin threw the Tigers’ first no-hitter in 1912, and there was a 40-year gap before Virgil Trucks threw his two in the 1950s. Jim Bunning and Jack Morris threw one each before Justin Verlander threw his two. Armando Galarraga should be on this list if not for the blown call on the 27th out.

Here are the Tigers’ no-hitters:

1 George Mullin
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Thursday, July 4, 1912 (Second game of doubleheader)
Detroit Tigers 7, St. Louis Browns 0
Navin Field (Detroit)
2 Virgil Trucks
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Thursday, May 15, 1952
Detroit Tigers 1, Washington Senators 0
Briggs Stadium (Detroit)
(His first of two no-hitters)
3 Virgil Trucks
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Monday, August 25, 1952
Detroit Tigers 1, New York Yankees 0
Yankee Stadium (New York)
(His second of two no-hitters)
4 Jim Bunning
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Sunday, July 20, 1958 (First game of doubleheader)
Detroit Tigers 3, Boston Red Sox 0
Fenway Park (Boston)
(His first of two no-hitters)
5 Jack Morris
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Saturday, April 7, 1984
Detroit Tigers 4, Chicago White Sox 0
Comiskey Park (Chicago)
6 Justin Verlander
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Detroit Tigers 4, Milwaukee Brewers 0
Comerica Park (Detroit)
(His first of two no-hitters)
7 Justin Verlander
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Saturday, May 7, 2011
Detroit Tigers 9, Toronto Blue Jays 0
Rogers Centre (Toronto)
(His second of two no-hitters)

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