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Miami Marlins no-hitters

A.J. Burnett's no-no ball in the Hall of Fame.
A.J. Burnett’s no-no ball in the Hall of Fame.
The Miami Marlins, which went by the name of the Florida Marlins for the franchise’s first 19 years of existence, have six no-hitters since joining the National League in 1993.

Al Leiter threw the club’s first in 1996 during a home game against the Colorado Rockies. He was followed by Kevin Brown, A.J. Burnett, Anibal Sanchez, Henderson Alvarez and Edinson Vólquez. Alvarez’s 2013 no-no was a interesting one, in which he was in the on-deck circle in the ninth inning of a 0-0 game when the Marlins’ game-winning run scored on a walk-off wild pitch.

Here are the Marlins’ no-hitters:

1 Al Leiter
  Florida Marlins (NL)
  Saturday, May 11, 1996
Florida Marlins 11, Colorado Rockies 0
Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami)
2 Kevin Brown
  Florida Marlins (NL)
  Tuesday, June 10, 1997
Florida Marlins 9, San Francisco Giants 0
Candlestick Park (San Francisco)
3 A.J. Burnett
  Florida Marlins (NL)
  Saturday, May 12, 2001
Florida Marlins 3, San Diego Padres 0
Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego)
4 Anibal Sanchez
  Florida Marlins (NL)
  Wednesday, September 6, 2006
Florida Marlins 2, Arizona Diamondbacks 0
Pro Player Stadium (Miami)
(Sanchez breaks the longest no-hitter drought in Major League baseball history in terms of number of games played, with the games between Randy Johnson’s 2004 perfect game and Sanchez’s no-no reaching 6,364.)
5 Henderson Alvarez
  Miami Marlins (NL team in IL game)
  Sunday, September 29, 2013
Miami Marlins 1, Detroit Tigers 0
Marlins Park (Miami)
(Alvarez gets his no-no on a walk-off wild pitch.)
6 Edinson Vólquez
  Miami Marlins (NL)
  Saturday June 3, 2017
Miami Marlins 3, Arizona Diamondbacks 0
Marlins Park (Miami)

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