No-hitters against the Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners, a 1977 American League expansion franchise, has been no-hit three times, with the most recent one being a perfect game.

Here are the no-hitters against the Mariners:

1 Mark Langston (7 inn.)
Mike Witt (2 inn.)
  California Angels (AL)
  Wednesday, April 11, 1990
California Angels 1, Seattle Mariners 0
Anaheim Stadium (Anaheim)
(Witt participates in a multiple pitcher no-hitter after throwing his own on Sept. 30, 1984.)
2 Dwight "Doc" Gooden
  New York Yankees (AL)
  Tuesday, May 14, 1996
New York Yankees 2, Seattle Mariners 0
Yankee Stadium (New York)
3 Philip Humber
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  pg100Saturday, April 21, 2012
Chicago White Sox 4, Seattle Mariners 0
Safeco Field (Seattle)
(Perfect game)

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