No-hitters vs. Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers have been no-hit 14 times since joining the American League as a charter franchise in 1901, and one of those games (an April 30, 1967 contest against the Baltimore Orioles) was actually a victory.

Here are the no-hitters against the Tigers:

1 James "Nixey" Callahan
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Saturday, September 20, 1902 (First game of doubleheader)
Chicago White Sox 3, Detroit Tigers 0
South Side Park (Chicago)
(First American League no hitter)
2 Frank Smith
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Wednesday, September 6, 1905 (Second game of doubleheader)
Chicago White Sox 15, Detroit Tigers 0
Bennett Park (Detroit)
(His first of two no-hitters)
3 Earl Hamilton
  St. Louis Browns (AL)
  Friday, August 30, 1912
St. Louis Browns 5, Detroit Tigers 1
Navin Field (Detroit)
(Hamilton becomes the first MLB pitcher to throw a no hitter without a single strikeout.)
4 Hubert "Dutch" Leonard
  Boston Red Sox (AL)
  Monday, June 3, 1918
Boston Red Sox 5, Detroit Tigers 0
Navin Field (Detroit)
(His second of two no-hitters)
5 Charlie Robertson
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  pg100Sunday, April 30, 1922
Chicago White Sox 2, Detroit Tigers 0
Navin Field (Detroit)
(Perfect game)
6 Bob Lemon
  Cleveland Indians (AL)
  Wednesday, June 30, 1948
Cleveland Indians 2, Detroit Tigers 0
Briggs Stadium (Detroit)
7 Bob Feller
  Cleveland Indians (AL)
  Sunday, July 1, 1951 (First game of doubleheader)
Cleveland Indians 2, Detroit Tigers 1
Cleveland Stadium (Cleveland)
(His third of three no-hitters, tying Larry Corcoran and Cy Young – a record that would be broken by Sandy Koufax in 1965.)
8 Steve Barber (8 2/3 inn.)
Stu Miller (1/3 inn.)
  Baltimore Orioles (AL)
  Sunday, April 30, 1967 (First game of doubleheader)
Baltimore Orioles 1, Detroit Tigers 2
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)
(Barber and Miller combined for a loss.)
9 Joel "Joe" Horlen
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Sunday, September 10, 1967 (First game of doubleheader)
Chicago White Sox 6, Detroit Tigers 0
Comiskey Park (Chicago)
10 Steve Busby
  Kansas City Royals (AL)
  Friday, April 27, 1973
Kansas City Royals 3, Detroit Tigers 0
Tiger Stadium (Detroit)
(His first of two no-hitters)
11 Nolan Ryan
  California Angels (AL)
  Sunday, July 15, 1973
California Angels 6, Detroit Tigers 0
Tiger Stadium (Detroit)
(His second of seven no-hitters)
12 Randy Johnson
  Seattle Mariners (AL)
  Saturday, June 2, 1990
Seattle Mariners 2, Detroit Tigers 0
Kingdome (Seattle)
(His first of two no-hitters)
13 Matt Garza
  Tampa Bay Rays (AL)
  Monday, July 26, 2010
Tampa Bay Rays 5, Detroit Tigers 0
Tropicana Field (St. Petersburg)
(First no-no for the Tampa Bay Rays.)
14 Henderson Alvarez
  Miami Marlins (NL team in IL game)
  Sunday, September 29, 2013
Miami Marlins 1, Detroit Tigers 0
Marlins Park (Miami)
(Alvarez gets his no-no on a walk-off wild pitch.)

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  1. I came here looking for the nono game that the Tigers won. Barber walked a bunch of Tigers. Like 11 or so. And error by the orioles on a force play also plated a run. That’s all I got.

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