No-hitters vs. major league franchise

Every major league franchise has been no-hit at least twice, with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers leading the way with 19 no-nos thrown against each of the clubs over their long histories.

No-hitters thrown against a franchise

(a franchise’s other historical team names are in parentheses)

19 Philadelphia Phillies
  (Philadelphia Quakers)
19 Los Angeles Dodgers
  (Brooklyn Atlantics/Brooklyn Grays/Brooklyn Bridegrooms/Brooklyn Grooms/Brooklyn Superbas/Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers/Brooklyn Robins/Brooklyn Dodgers)
17 Atlanta Braves
  (Boston Red Caps/Boston Beaneaters/Boston Doves/Boston Rustlers/Boston Bees/Boston Braves/Milwaukee Braves)
16 San Francisco Giants
  (New York Gothams/New York Giants)
15 Baltimore Orioles
  (Milwaukee Brewers/St. Louis Browns)
14 Detroit Tigers
14 Oakland Athletics
  (Philadelphia Athletics/Kansas City Athletics)
13 Chicago White Sox
  (Chicago White Stockings)
12 Pittsburgh Pirates
  (Pittsburgh Alleghenys)
12 Cincinnati Reds
  (Cincinnati Red Stockings/Cincinnati Redlegs)
11 Cleveland Indians
  (Cleveland Bluebirds/Cleveland Naps)
11 Boston Red Sox
  (Boston Americans)
9 Minnesota Twins
  (Washington Senators)
9 San Diego Padres
9 St. Louis Cardinals
  (St. Louis Browns/St. Louis Perfectos)
8 New York Mets
7 Chicago Cubs
  (Chicago White Stockings/Chicago Colts/Chicago Orphans)
7 New York Yankees
  (New York Highlanders/Baltimore Orioles)
7 Los Angeles Angels
  (California Angels/Anaheim Angels)
  (Chicago White Stockings/Chicago Colts/Chicago Orphans)
5 Houston Astros
  (Houston Colt .45’s)
5 Tampa Bay Rays
  (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
4 Washington Nationals
  (Montreal Expos)
4 Texas Rangers
  (Washington Senators)
4 Toronto Blue Jays
3 Milwaukee Brewers
  (Seattle Pilots)
3 Seattle Mariners
3 Colorado Rockies
3 Miami Marlins
  (Florida Marlins)
3 Arizona Diamondbacks
2 Kansas City Royals

Defunct franchises

3 Providence Grays (NL)
2 Washington Nationals (AA, UA)
2 Worcester Ruby Legs (NL)
2 Baltimore Orioles (AA, NL)
2 Washington Statesmen/Senators (AA, NL)
2 Louisville Eclipse/Colonels (NL, AA)
2 Cleveland Blues (AA)
1 Kansas City Packers (FL)
1 Buffalo Buffeds/Blues (FL)
1 Buffalo Bisons (NL)
1 Kansas City Unions (UA)
1 St. Louis Terriers (FL)
1 Syracuse Stars (AA)
1 Pittsburgh Rebels (FL)
1 New York Metropolitans (AA)
1 Chicago Chi-Feds/Whales (FL)
1 Kansas City Cowboys (AA)
1 Hartford Dark Blues (NL)
1 Detroit Wolverines (NL)
1 Toledo Blue Stockings (AA)

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  1. Wow! Never thought so much change about teams before this. Very interesting thanks for sharing. Played baseball ⚾️ since grade school. Remember hearing about all the greats n wanting to be like them!

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