No-hitters vs. the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees, an American League charter franchise that spent two years in Baltimore as the Orioles in 1901-1902 before moving to New York to become the Highlanders, have been no-hit on seven occasions.

Here are the no-hitters against the Yankees:

1 Cy Young
  Boston Red Sox (AL)
  Tuesday, June 30, 1908
Boston Red Sox 8, New York Highlanders 0
Hilltop Park (New York)
(His third of three no-hitters, tying Larry Corcoran – a record that would be tied once more but not broken until 1965 by Sandy Koufax.)
2 George "Rube" Foster
  Boston Red Sox (AL)
  Wednesday, June 21, 1916
Boston Red Sox 2, New York Yankees 0
Fenway Park (Boston)
3 Ray Caldwell
  Cleveland Indians (AL)
  Wednesday, September 10, 1919 (First game of doubleheader)
Cleveland Indians 3, New York Yankees 0
Polo Grounds (New York)
4 Bob Feller
  Cleveland Indians (AL)
  Tuesday, April 30, 1946
Cleveland Indians 1, New York Yankees 0
Yankee Stadium (New York)
(His second of three no-hitters)
5 Virgil Trucks
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Monday, August 25, 1952
Detroit Tigers 1, New York Yankees 0
Yankee Stadium (New York)
(His second of two no-hitters)
6 Hoyt Wilhelm
  Baltimore Orioles (AL)
  Saturday, September 20, 1958
Baltimore Orioles 1, New York Yankees 0
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)
7 Roy Oswalt (1 inn.)
Peter Munro (2 2/3 inn.)
Kirk Saarloos (1 1/3 inn.)
Brad Lidge (2 inn.)
Octavio Dotel (1 inn.)
Billy Wagner (1 inn.)
  Houston Astros (NL team in IL game)
  Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Houston Astros 8, New York Yankees 0
Yankee Stadium (New York)
(Most pitchers used in a no-hitter in MLB history.)

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