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Astros’ Dierker no-hits Expos, 40 years ago today

195_larrydierkerThe Houston Astros’ Larry Dierker no-hit the Montreal Expos, 40 years ago today.

On Friday, July 9, 1976, Dierker walked four and struck out eight at the Astrodome to lead Houston to a 6-0 no-hit victory. The 6-foot-4, 215-pound righthander from Hollywood, California, told the Associated Press’ B.F. Kellum that he figured if he was going to pitch a no-no, it would have come early in his career.

“I didn’t think I had the stuff to pitch a no-hitter,” Dierker told the AP. “It’s hard to believe.”

Dierker nearly threw a perfect game in 1966. In a Sept. 30 game against the New York Mets that remained scoreless until the bottom of the ninth, Dierker took the mound and immediately gave up double to Mets’ third baseman Eddie Bressoud. That set the wheels in motion, as Dierker threw a wild pitch to Ron Hunt (pinch-hitting for left fielder Danny Napoleon) allowing Bressoud to reach third and then served up a pitch that resulted in a Hunt walk-off single to right.

Dierker no-hits Expos, 39 years ago today

The Houston Astros’ Larry Dierker tossed a no-hitter against the Montreal Expos 39 years ago today.

Dierker on Friday, July 9, 1976 no-hit the Expos for a 6-0 win at the Astrodome. He walked four and struck out eight, and was aided by key defensive plays by second baseman Rob Andrews and center fielder José Cruz.

Dierker’s gem marked the first no-hitter against the Expos franchise, which has since moved to Washington as the Nationals. The Nats have yet to be no-hit as residents of the nation’s capital.

#12, the Houston Astros

The NoNoHitters 30The Houston Astros franchise, which joined the National League as an expansion franchise in 1962 under the name Houston Colt .45’s, have 11 no-hitters over the team’s history. That No. 12 ranking is pretty impressive, considering several franchises that have been around much longer haven’t reached that mark.

astroscoltsjerseysIn one of the oddest no-hitters in major league history, the Astros’ Ken Johnson no-hit the Cincinnati Reds in 1964 but lost the game 1-0 due to errors. Johnson remains the only single pitcher to lose a nine-inning no-hitter.

The Astros also set the record for most pitchers used in a no-hitter (six), although the mark has since been tied.

Here are the Houston Astros’ no-hitters:

1 Don Nottebart
  Friday, May 17, 1963
Houston Colt .45s 4, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Colt Stadium (Houston)
(Mets’ expansion partner gets first no hitter early in second season; the Mets would have to wait 49 more years.)
2 Ken Johnson
  Thursday, April 23, 1964
Cincinnati Reds 1, Houston Colt .45s 0 (a loss)
Colt Stadium (Houston)
3 Don Wilson
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Sunday, June 18, 1967
Houston Astros 2, Atlanta Braves 0
Astrodome (Houston)
(His first of two no-hitters)
4 Don Wilson
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Thursday, May 1, 1969
Houston Astros 4, Cincinnati Reds 0
Crosley Field (Cincinnati)
(His second of two no-hitters)
5 Larry Dierker
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Friday, July 9, 1976
Houston Astros 6, Montreal Expos 0
Astrodome (Houston)
6 Ken Forsch
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Saturday, April 7, 1979
Houston Astros 6, Atlanta Braves 0
Astrodome (Houston)
(Ken and Bob Forsch become the first brothers to pitch MLB no-hitters.)
7 Nolan Ryan
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Saturday, September 26, 1981
Houston Astros 5, Los Angeles Dodgers 0
Astrodome (Houston)
(His fifth of seven no-hitters, setting a new major league record with one more than Sandy Koufax.)
8 Mike Scott
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Thursday, September 25, 1986
Houston Astros 2, San Francisco Giants 0
Astrodome (Houston)
(Game clinches National Leauge West division for Astros.)
10 Darryl Kile
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Wednesday, September 8, 1993
Houston Astros 7, New York Mets 1
Astrodome (Houston)
11 Roy Oswalt (1 inn.)
Peter Munro (2 2/3 inn.)
Kirk Saarloos (1 1/3 inn.)
Brad Lidge (2 inn.)
Octavio Dotel (1 inn.)
Billy Wagner (1 inn.)
  Houston Astros (NL team in IL game)
  Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Houston Astros 8, New York Yankees 0
Yankee Stadium (New York)
(Most pitchers used in a no hitter in MLB history.)

Here’s our list so far from 12 to 30:

No-hitters thrown by franchise

11 Houston Astros
  (Houston Colt .45’s)
10 Los Angeles Angels
  (California Angels/Anaheim Angels)
10 St. Louis Cardinals
  (St. Louis Browns/St. Louis Perfectos)
9 Baltimore Orioles
  (Milwaukee Brewers/St. Louis Browns)
7 Minnesota Twins
  (Washington Senators)
7 Detroit Tigers
6 Pittsburgh Pirates
  (Pittsburgh Alleghenys)
5 Texas Rangers
5 Miami Marlins
5 Washington Nationals
4 Kansas City Royals
4 Seattle Mariners
2 Arizona Diamondbacks
1 Milwaukee Brewers
1 Toronto Blue Jays
1 Colorado Rockies
1 Tampa Bay Rays
  (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
1 New York Mets
0 San Diego Padres

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