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Padres’ Chacín takes no-hitter into the 6th

The San Diego Padres’ Jhoulys Chacín took a no-hitter into the sixth inning on Saturday night before DJ LeMaheiu singled with two out, extending the club’s streak of no no-hitters to 7,807 regular season games (and 34 post-season contests).

LeMaheiu lined a ball to center field just out of the reach of a diving Manuel Margot, Margot trapped the ball to hold LeMaheiu to a single. It was the only hit yielded by Chacín during his six innings of work, as the Padres topped the Colorado Rockies 5-0.

The Padres are the only major league franchise to have never thrown a no-hitter, a streak in its 48th year.

Rockies’ Freeland loses no-no in ninth

The Colorado Rockies’ Kyle Freeland took a no-hitter into the ninth inning Sunday before losing it on a one-out single.

Freeland struck out the Chicago White Sox’s Adam Engel for the inning’s first out, but Melky Cabrera followed by hitting a line drive single to left just beyond the glove of Nolan Arenado.

Rockies manager Bud Black replaced Freeland with Jordan Lyles to get the game’s final two outs and secure the one-hitter. The Rockies won 10-0.

Eller, Koufax and Leiter threw no-nos on this date

The Cincinnati Reds' "Hod" Eller no-hit the Cardinals in 1919.
The Cincinnati Reds’ “Hod” Eller no-hit the Cardinals in 1919.
Al Leiter, Sandy Koufax and Horace “Hod” Eller threw no-hitters on this date.

On Saturday, May 11, 1996, 21 years ago today, Leiter threw the Florida Marlins first no-hitter. The New Jersey native no-hit the Colorado Rockies for an 11-0 win at Joe Robbie Stadium.

Koufax, who threw four no-hitters with the Los Angeles Dodgers, tossed his second no-no against the San Francisco Giants on this date in 1963.

Eller, a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, no-hit the St. Louis Cardinals at Redland Field 97 years ago today.

Happy birthday to 4 no-no throwers, Blackwell, Bunning, Leiter and Smith

Four no-hitter throwers were born on this date: Ewell Blackwell, Jim Bunning, Al Leiter and Bud Smith.

Blackwell, born on this date in 1922, threw a no-no for the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday, June 18, 1947, against the Boston Braves. In his following start, Blackwell just missed duplicating teammate Johnny Vander Meer’s mark of two straight no-nos, losing his second no-no after 8 1/3 innings against Brooklyn.

Bunning, who turns 85 today, threw a no-hitter for the Detroit Tigers against the Boston Red Sox during the first game of a Sunday doubleheader on July 20, 1958. Bunning followed up that gem six years later as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, throwing a perfect game against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium during the first game of a Father’s Day doubleheader on Sunday, June 21, 1964. Bunning was the first major-league pitcher to throw no-nos in both the AL and NL.

Leiter, celebrating his 51st birthday today, tossed the Florida (now Miami) Marlins’ first no-hitter in franchise history. He blanked the Colorado Rockies on Saturday, May 11, 1996, for an 11-0 win at Joe Robbie Stadium.

Bud Smith, who turns 37 today, threw a no-hitter as a St. Louis Cardinals rookie on Monday, September 3, 2001, shutting down the San Diego Padres for a 4-0 win at Qualcomm Stadium.

Nomo throws Coors Field no-no, 20 years ago today

Hideo Nomo (Boston Red Sox)
Hideo Nomo
The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Hideo Nomo no-hit the Colorado Rockies, 20 years ago today.

On Tuesday, September 17, 1996, Nomo threw a no-no against the Rockies for a 9-0 win at Coors Field. It remains the ballpark’s only no-hitter. Nomo followed it up with a second no-hitter for the Boston Red Sox in 2001.

Also throwing a no-hitter on this date 48 years ago today is the San Francisco Giants’ Gaylord Perry. On Tuesday, September 17, 1968, Perry out-dueled Bob Gibson to no-hit the St. Louis Cardinals for a 1-0 win at Candlestick Park. The Cards’ Ray Washburn retaliated by no-hitting the Giants the next day.

Dodgers’ Kershaw no-hit Rockies, 2 years ago today

claytonkershawThe Los Angeles Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw threw a no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies two years ago today, marking the franchise’s major league leading 25th no-no.

The accomplishment came less than a month after the Dodgers’ Josh Beckett threw a no-hitter against the Phillies in Philadelphia. “Beckett told me he’s going to teach me how to do that,” Kershaw said after the game. “So I have Josh to thank.”

The Texas-born southpaw struck out 15 and walked none.

Kershaw had a perfect game going in the seventh when shortstop Hanley Ramirez committed a throwing error on a ball hit to him by Corey Dickerson. Kershaw nearly lost the no-hitter soon after when Troy Tulowitzki hit a hard grounder to third, but Miguel Rojas fielded the ball behind the bag and made a long, accurate throw to first, which was aptly scooped by Adrian Gonzalez.

Also throwing no-hitters on this date are:

Ewell Blackwell
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Wednesday, June 18, 1947
Cincinnati Reds 6, Boston Braves 0
Crosley Field (Cincinnati)
(Blackwell, Vander Meer’s teammate, just misses duplicating his back-to-back no-nos in his next start.)
Don Wilson
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Sunday, June 18, 1967
Houston Astros 2, Atlanta Braves 0
Astrodome (Houston)
(His first of two no-hitters)

No-nos on this date: Eller, Koufax and Leiter

The Cincinnati Reds' "Hod" Eller no-hit the Cardinals in 1919.
The Cincinnati Reds’ “Hod” Eller no-hit the Cardinals in 1919.
Al Leiter, Sandy Koufax, Horace “Hod” Eller and threw no-hitters on this date.

On Saturday, May 11, 1996, Leiter threw the Florida Marlins first no-hitter 20 years ago today. The New Jersey native no-hit the Colorado Rockies for an 11-0 win at Joe Robbie Stadium.

Koufax, who threw four no-hitters with the Los Angeles Dodgers, tossed his second no-no against the San Francisco Giants on this date in 1963.

Eller, a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, no-hit the St. Louis Cardinals at Redland Field 97 years ago today.

Expos throw no-hitter in 9th game, 47 years ago today

The Colorado Rockies aren’t the only franchise to exit the no no-no club on this day.

Montreal Expos logoForty-seven years ago today, on April 17, 1969, the Montreal Expos’ Bill Stoneman no-hit the Philadelphia Phillies for a 7-0 victory at Connie Mack Stadium in just the Expos’ ninth game. It’s the earliest a franchise has ever knocked the accomplishment off its bucket list. Stoneman would get one more no-no in 1972 and Expos pitchers would throw two more before the move to D.C. Jordan Zimmermann threw the Nationals’ first no-no on Sept. 28, 2014. Max Scherzer added two Nationals no-hitters last season.

The San Diego Padres, an expansion partner of the Expos, are still awaiting the team’s first no-hitter.

Here’s when the other two 1969 expansion teams exited the no no-no club:

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals logoIn his 10th Major League start, Kansas City Royals starter Steve Busby no-hit the Detroit Tigers for a 3-0 victory on April 27, 1973 despite walking five batters. Busby would throw another no-hitter on June 19, 1974, becoming the first pitcher to ever throw two no-nos in his first two full seasons (he had thrown a couple late-season games in 1972). Other Royals pitchers would throw two more no-hitters to give the franchise a total of four.

Seattle Pilots

Seattle Pilots logoThe Pilots lasted just one season in Seattle, and the team couldn’t notch a no-hitter or even a one-hitter during those 162 games (they did get three two-hitters). After the squad moved to Milwaukee and was renamed the Brewers, the franchise would have to wait 17 years for its first no-hitter. Juan Nieves became the first Puerto Rico native to throw a no-no on April 15, 1987 as the Brewers topped the Baltimore Orioles 7-0. Robin Yount made a game-ending diving catch to preserve Nieves’ gem, which remains the Brewers’ only no-no.

Jiménez ejected from no-no in progress, 1 year ago today

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez was ejected from a no-no in progress, one year ago today.

On Friday, April 17, 2015, home plate umpire Jordan Baker ejected Jiménez in the fourth inning of a game against the Boston Red Sox. Jiménez hit third baseman Pablo Sandoval on the back of the shoulder with a 90 mph fastball in the fourth inning of the game, and Baker surmised that the pitch was retaliation for an incident earlier in the game.

In the second inning, Sandoval slid hard into second baseman Jonathan Schoop to break up a double play, but neither the Orioles nor the Red Sox were issued warnings. Orioles manager Buck Showalter was not happy with Jiménez’s ejection.

Orioles reliever Kevin Gausman finished out the inning, but lost the combined no-hit bid in the fifth inning on a Xander Bogaerts single. Gausman then gave up a game-tying Ryan Hanigan homer, and the Red Sox went on to win 3-2 on Bogaerts’ ninth-inning walk-off single.

Oddly, the no-no ejection came on the fifth anniversary of Jiménez’s no-hitter for the Colorado Rockies, the first in that franchise’s history.

  Ubaldo Jiménez
  Colorado Rockies (NL)
  Saturday, April 17, 2010
Colorado Rockies 4, Atlanta Braves 0
Turner Field (Atlanta)

Pitchers’ trips to infinity … and beyond

hankborowyWhen Philadelphia Phillies reliever Daniel Stumpf began his 2016 season by issuing a walk, a grand slam and then another walk before getting pulled in the fourth inning of Thursday’s loss to the Reds, singer/songwriter/Phillies fan Chuck Brodsky wondered if we should add a new statistical category called “No-Outers” that yield an ERA of infinity (∞).

(Quick math refresher: ERA is earned runs times nine divided by the number of innings pitched, so when a pitcher doesn’t get a single out — thus throwing zero innings — the dividing-by-zero issue gives a result of ∞.)

Chuck wondered what the record is for most batters faced without securing an out, so we turned to Baseball-Reference.com‘s wonderful Play Index to answer that question and come up with a Top 11 list of “No-outers.”

RK Name Date Tm Op Sc Dc I H ER BB BF AB
1 Hank Borowy 1951-08-18 DET SLB L 9-20 0.0 5 9 4 9 5
2 Jorge Rondon 2015-05-01 COL SDP L 3-14 8-8 0.0 5 7 2 8 6
3 Paul Wilson 2005-05-06 CIN LAD L 6-13 GS-1, L 0.0 5 8 1 8 5
4 Paul Wilson 2003-07-10 CIN HOU L 2-11 GS-1, L 0.0 6 7 1 8 7
5 Blake Stein 1998-08-31 OAK CLE L 6-15 GS-1, L 0.0 4 8 3 8 4
6 Jose Paniagua 1997-09-28 MON CIN L 3-11 5-5 0.0 3 5 3 8 3
7 Bobby Jones 1997-09-17 NYM ATL L 2-10 GS-1, L 0.0 3 4 4 8 4
8 Bill Krueger 1984-06-25 OAK KCR L 0-16 GS-1, L 0.0 6 5 1 8 7
9 Bob Kammeyer 1979-09-18 NYY CLE L 3-16 4-4 0.0 7 8 0 8 7
10 Geo Mogridge 1926-09-03 BSN NYG L 3-17 0.0 6 7 1 8 7
11 Doc White 1913-07-11 CHW NYY L 1-11 0.0 4 5 1 8 6
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Generated 4/9/2016.

On August 18, 1951, the Detroit Tigers’ Hank Borowy came into a game against the St. Louis Browns and faced nine batters without getting a single out. His line for the day was 9 ER on 5 hits and 4 BB during the 11-run inning. The Browns wound up winning 20-9 — a rare highlight in St. Louis’ otherwise dismal season.

The veteran Borowy pitched in five more games before retiring with a 108-82 record and a 3.50 ERA.

Ten pitchers have faced eight batters without getting a single out, including the Colorado Rockies’ Jorge Rondon, who accomplished the feat last year against the San Diego Padres. Rondon is currently playing for the Indianapolis Indians (Pirates AAA affiliate), hoping to make it back to the majors to improve on his career 12.33 ERA.

The only pitcher to make the list twice is the Cincinnati Reds’ Paul Wilson, who threw infinity outings in 2003 and 2005 yet retired with a finite 4.86 ERA.

The New York Yankees’ Bob Kammeyer holds the record for most hits yielded during an infinity outing with seven, and it was his only opportunity during the 1979 season (and the last of his career) so he lists a final ERA of ∞ for ’79. He did, however, appear in 7 games in 1978, so that balances out to a 9.14 career ERA.

George Mogridge is the only major-league pitcher to have an eight-batter infinity outing and throw a no-hitter.

The Cleveland Indians’ Doc Hamann just missed this list by facing seven batters, but he never had a chance to redeem himself and ended his career with an ERA of infinity. On September 21, 1922, Hamann gave up six earned runs on three hits, three walks and a hit-by-pitch to the Boston Red Sox before getting pulled.

The other 13 players to end their careers with infinity ERAs, according to Baseball-Reference.com, are Harry Heitmann, Frank Dupee, Joe Brown, William Ford, Jim Schelle, Mike Palagyi, Fred Bruckbauer, Will Koenigsmark, Bill Moore, Marty Walker, Lou Bauer, Gordie Sundin and Vic Davalillo.

Of that group only Davalillo, who primarily was an outfielder, pitched in multiple games. Facing the New York Mets in the ninth inning of a June 30, 1969, game at Busch Stadium, Davalillo walked Tommie Agee and yielded a Bobby Pfeil single to right before getting replaced by Chuck Taylor. Three days later in the same five-game series, Davalillo stayed in the game after pinch hitting for pitcher Ray Washburn and again began his inning (the eighth) by walking Agee. Ken Boswell then tagged him for an RBI double to right before the Cardinals booted him from the mound for the final time. His career pitching line: 4 batters faced, 2 hits, 2 walks, 0 outs, 1 earned run, ∞ ERA.

The major-league record for most consecutive infinity outings is 3, shared by these seven pitchers:

Taylor Tankersley 2010-07-23 2010-07-26 3 0.0 3 6 5 1 2 inf 1 0 FLA
Mitch Stetter 2009-08-04 2009-08-12 3 0.0 4 4 3 3 0 inf 0 0 MIL
Chris Hammond 2005-09-24 2006-04-07 3 0.0 4 5 5 2 0 inf 0 0 SDP-CIN
Pedro Borbon 1999-07-30 1999-08-05 3 0.0 4 3 3 2 0 inf 0 1 LAD
Steve Avery 1998-04-10 1998-04-14 3 0.0 3 3 3 2 0 inf 0 1 BOS
Mike Myers 1997-04-16 1997-04-21 3 0.0 3 3 3 1 1 inf 0 0 DET
Bruce Dal Canton 1970-09-02 1970-09-08 3 0.0 5 4 4 2 1 inf 0 0 PIT
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