nohitters0Our Padres no no-no count is now functional and ready to climb to 7,167 unless someone can pull a Bob Feller against the L.A. Dodgers in 16 days.

Feller, a Hall of Famer who pitched for the Cleveland Indians, is the only hurler to have thrown a no-hitter on Opening Day.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer account of the April 16, 1940 accomplishment notes: “The incredible farm boy, starting his first baseball season since he became of age last November, fired his bullets past the Chicago White Sox for nine long innings as he led the Indians to a 1-0 victory in the inaugural of the 1940 campaign.”

Feller’s stellar career was interrupted by his service in World War II, but he managed to pitch three no-nos and 12 one-hitters. He threw for the Indians from 1936-1941 and 1945–1956.

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