Long before “Field of Dreams,” “Bull Durham” and “Major League” hit the silver screen, Leonard Nimoy played an uncredited part of a ballplayer in a film about a once feral cat owning a major league club.

SpockNimoy, best known for portraying “Mr. Spock” on “Star Trek,” died today at the age of 83. In the 1951 film “Rhubarb,” Nimoy played a baseball player for the Brooklyn Loons, a team owned by eccentric T.J. Banner until he dies and wills his money – and the Loons – to a cat named Rhubarb.

Nimoy is sitting at the lower left of the card table in this scene. His big line comes at 4:52 into the clip: “Wait a minute. Rhubarb will be at the game tomorrow, won’t he Eric?”

Live long and prosper, Leonard.

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