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The NoNoHitters 30The Kansas City Royals take up the No. 22 spot on our NoNoHitters 30 countdown, throwing four no-hitters since joining the American League in 1969.

Steve Busby threw the Royals’ first no-hitter in 1973 and followed it up with a second in 1974. Jim Colborn threw one in 1977, and Bret Saberhagen threw Kansas City’s most recent no-hitter in 1991.

Here are the details:

1 Steve Busby
  Kansas City Royals (AL)
  Friday, April 27, 1973
Kansas City Royals 3, Detroit Tigers 0
Tiger Stadium (Detroit)
(His first of two no-hitters)
2 Steve Busby
  Kansas City Royals (AL)
  Wednesday, June 19, 1974
Kansas City Royals 2, Milwaukee Brewers 0
Milwaukee County Stadium (Milwaukee)
(His second of two no-hitters)
3 Jim Colborn
  Kansas City Royals (AL)
  Saturday, May 14, 1977
Kansas City Royals 6, Texas Rangers 0
Royals Stadium (Kansas City)
4 Bret Saberhagen
  Kansas City Royals (AL)
  Monday, August 26, 1991
Kansas City Royals 7, Chicago White Sox 0
Royals Stadium (Kansas City)

Here’s our list so far from 22 to 30:

No-hitters thrown by franchise

4 Kansas City Royals
4 Seattle Mariners
2 Arizona Diamondbacks
1 Milwaukee Brewers
1 Toronto Blue Jays
1 Colorado Rockies
1 Tampa Bay Rays
  (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
1 New York Mets
0 San Diego Padres

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