The NoNoHitters 30The Chicago Cubs franchise, No. 8 on our NoNoHitters 30 list, has 13 no-hitters over its storied history. The team began play in the 1870s under the name Chicago White Stockings and also played under the nicknames of Colts and Orphans before settling on the Cubs in 1903.

Larry Corcoran has three of the club’s no-hitters, and Ken Holtzman threw a pair for the Cubs in the late 1960s, early ’70s.

Harry Carey statue outside Wrigley Field.

Harry Carey statue outside Wrigley Field.

The Cubs’ most recent no-no, Carlos Zambrano’s September 14, 2008 blanking of the Houston Astros, was thrown at the neutral site of Miller Park in Milwaukee, as the Astros were forced to move their home game because of Hurricane Ike.

Milt Pappas had a perfect game threw 26 batters but lost it on a ninth-inning, two out walk. He got the final out to complete his no-hitter.

Here are the Cubs’ no-hitters:

1 Larry Corcoran
  Chicago White Stockings (NL)
  Thursday, August 19, 1880
Chicago White Stockings 6, Boston Red Caps 0
Lake Front Park (Chicago)
(His first of three no-hitters)
2 Larry Corcoran
  Chicago White Stockings (NL)
  Wednesday, September 20, 1882
Chicago White Stockings 5, Worcester Ruby Legs 0
Lake Front Park (Chicago)
(His second of three no-hitters)
3 Larry Corcoran
  Chicago White Stockings (NL)
  Friday, June 27, 1884
Chicago White Stockings 6, Providence Grays 0
Lake Front Park (Chicago)
(His third of three no-hitters)
4 John Clarkson
  Chicago White Stockings (NL)
  Monday, July 27, 1885
Chicago White Stockings 4, Providence Grays 0
Messer Street Grounds (Providence)
5 Walter Thornton
  Chicago Orphans (NL)
  Sunday, August 21, 1898 (Second game of doubleheader)
Chicago Orphans 2, Brooklyn Bridegrooms 0
West Side Park (Chicago)
6 Jimmy Lavender
  Chicago Cubs (NL)
  Tuesday, August 31, 1915 (First game of doubleheader)
Chicago Cubs 2, New York Giants 0
Polo Grounds (New York)
7 "Toothpick" Sam Jones
  Chicago Cubs (NL)
  Thursday, May 12, 1955
Chicago Cubs 4, Pittsburgh Pirates 0
Wrigley Field (Chicago)
(Jones becomes the first African-American pitcher to hurl a no-hitter in the integrated majors.)
8 Don Cardwell
  Chicago Cubs (NL)
  Sunday, May 15, 1960 (Second game of doubleheader)
Chicago Cubs 4, St. Louis Cardinals 0
Wrigley Field (Chicago)
9 Ken Holtzman
  Chicago Cubs (NL)
  Tuesday, August 19, 1969
Chicago Cubs 3, Atlanta Braves 0
Wrigley Field (Chicago)
(His first of two no-hitters; Holtzman becomes the second MLB pitcher to throw a no hitter without a single strikeout.)
10 Ken Holtzman
  Chicago Cubs (NL)
  Thursday, June 3, 1971
Chicago Cubs 1, Cincinnati Reds 0
Riverfront Stadium (Cincinnati)
(His second of two no-hitters)
11 Burt Hooton
  Chicago Cubs (NL)
  Sunday, April 16, 1972
Chicago Cubs 4, Philadelphia Phillies 0
Wrigley Field (Chicago)
12 Milt Pappas
  Chicago Cubs (NL)
  Saturday, September 2, 1972
Chicago Cubs 8, San Diego Padres 0
Wrigley Field (Chicago)
(Pappas becomes the only player in MLB history to lose a perfect game on the 27th batter but still get a no hitter. After walking Larry Stahl, Pappas retired Gary Jestadt for the win and the no-no.)
13 Carlos Zambrano
  Chicago Cubs (NL)
  Sunday, September 14, 2008
Chicago Cubs 5, Houston Astros 0
Miller Park (Milwaukee)
(Played in Milwaukee’s Miller Park because of damage in the Houston area from Hurricane Ike, the was the first Major League no-hitter played at a neutral site.)

Here’s our list so far from 8 to 30:

No-hitters thrown by franchise

13 Chicago Cubs
  (Chicago White Stockings/Chicago Colts/Chicago Orphans)
12 Philadelphia Phillies
  (Philadelphia Quakers)
11 Oakland Athletics
  (Philadelphia Athletics/Kansas City Athletics)
11 New York Yankees
  (New York Highlanders/Baltimore Orioles)
11 Houston Astros
  (Houston Colt .45’s)
10 Los Angeles Angels
  (California Angels/Anaheim Angels)
10 St. Louis Cardinals
  (St. Louis Browns/St. Louis Perfectos)
9 Baltimore Orioles
  (Milwaukee Brewers/St. Louis Browns)
7 Minnesota Twins
  (Washington Senators)
7 Detroit Tigers
6 Pittsburgh Pirates
  (Pittsburgh Alleghenys)
5 Texas Rangers
5 Miami Marlins
5 Washington Nationals
4 Kansas City Royals
4 Seattle Mariners
2 Arizona Diamondbacks
1 Milwaukee Brewers
1 Toronto Blue Jays
1 Colorado Rockies
1 Tampa Bay Rays
  (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
1 New York Mets
0 San Diego Padres

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