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The NoNoHitters 30The Cincinnati Reds, No. 4 on our NoNoHitters 30 countdown have thrown 16 no-hitters during the team’s history dating back to the 1880s.

The team’s first no-hitter was thrown in 1892 by Bumpus Jones, who amazingly accomplished the feat in his first major league appearance.

Topping that accomplishment, Johnny Vander Meer threw no-hitters in back-to-back starts in 1938. Homer Bailey has also thrown two no-nos for the Reds. Tom Browning has the club’s only perfect game, thrown Sept. 16, 1988, against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Here is the list of Cincinnati Reds no-hitters:

1 Charles "Bumpus" Jones
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Saturday, October 15, 1892
Cincinnati Reds 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 1
League Park (Cincinnati)
(His first Major League game)
2 Ted Breitenstein
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Friday, April 22, 1898
Cincinnati Reds 11, Pittsburgh Pirates 0
League Park (Cincinnati)
(His second of two no-hitters; with Hughes’ no hitter below, first time two have been thrown on same day.)
3 Frank "Noodles" Hahn
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Thursday, July 12, 1900
Cincinnati Reds 4, Philadelphia Phillies 0
League Park (Cincinnati)
4 Fred Toney
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Wednesday, May 2, 1917
Cincinnati Reds 1, Chicago Cubs 0 (10 innings)
Weeghman Park (Chicago)
(10-inning no hitter; opposing pitcher Hippo Vaughn also threw a no hitter through nine innings – only time in major league history a game has had no hits through nine on both sides.)
5 Horace "Hod" Eller
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Sunday, May 11, 1919
Cincinnati Reds 6, St. Louis Cardinals 0
Redland Field (Cincinnati)
6 Johnny Vander Meer
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Saturday, June 11, 1938
Cincinnati Reds 3, Boston Bees 0
Crosley Field (Cincinnati)
(His first of two no-hitters; with no hitter below against Brooklyn, Vander Meer is the only pitcher to have thrown no-hitters in consecutive starts.)
7 Johnny Vander Meer
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Wednesday, June 15, 1938
Cincinnati Reds 6, Brooklyn Dodgers 0
Ebbets Field (Brooklyn)
(His second of two no-hitters; with no hitter above against Boston, Vander Meer is the only pitcher to have thrown no-hitters in consecutive starts.)
8 Clyde Shoun
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Monday, May 15, 1944
Cincinnati Reds 1, Boston Braves 0
Crosley Field (Cincinnati)
9 Ewell Blackwell
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Wednesday, June 18, 1947
Cincinnati Reds 6, Boston Braves 0
Crosley Field (Cincinnati)
(Blackwell, Vander Meer’s teammate, just misses duplicating his back-to-back no-nos in his next start.)
10 Jim Maloney
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Thursday, August 19, 1965 (First game of doubleheader)
Cincinnati Reds 1, Chicago Cubs 0 (10 innings)
Wrigley Field (Chicago)
(His first of two no-hitters)
11 George Culver
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Monday, July 29, 1968 (Second game of doubleheader)
Cincinnati Reds 6, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Connie Mack Stadium (Philadelphia)
12 Jim Maloney
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Wednesday, April 30, 1969
Cincinnati Reds 10, Houston Astros 0
Crosley Field (Cincinnati)
(His second of two no-hitters)
13 Tom Seaver
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Friday, June 16, 1978
Cincinnati Reds 4, St. Louis Cardinals 0
Riverfront Stadium (Cincinnati)
(Seaver took no-hitters into the ninth three times for the Mets. He finally reaches the finish line in a Reds uniform.)
14 Tom Browning
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Friday, September 16, 1988
Cincinnati Reds 1, Los Angeles Dodgers 0
Riverfront Stadium (Cincinnati)
(Perfect game)
15 Homer Bailey
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Friday, September 28, 2012
Cincinnati Reds 1, Pittsburgh Pirates 0
PNC Park (Pittsburgh)
(His first of two no-hitters)
16 Homer Bailey
  Cincinnati Reds (NL)
  Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Cincinnati Reds 3, San Francisco Giants 0
Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati)
(His second of two no-hitters)

Here’s our list so far from 4 to 30:

No-hitters thrown by franchise

16 Cincinnati Reds
  (Cincinnati Red Stockings/Cincinnati Redlegs)
16 San Francisco Giants
  (New York Gothams/New York Giants)
14 Cleveland Indians
  (Cleveland Bluebirds/Cleveland Naps)
14 Atlanta Braves
  (Boston Red Caps/Boston Beaneaters/Boston Doves/Boston Rustlers/Boston Bees/Boston Braves/Milwaukee Braves)
13 Chicago Cubs
  (Chicago White Stockings/Chicago Colts/Chicago Orphans)
12 Philadelphia Phillies
  (Philadelphia Quakers)
11 Oakland Athletics
  (Philadelphia Athletics/Kansas City Athletics)
11 New York Yankees
  (New York Highlanders/Baltimore Orioles)
11 Houston Astros
  (Houston Colt .45’s)
10 Los Angeles Angels
  (California Angels/Anaheim Angels)
10 St. Louis Cardinals
  (St. Louis Browns/St. Louis Perfectos)
9 Baltimore Orioles
  (Milwaukee Brewers/St. Louis Browns)
7 Minnesota Twins
  (Washington Senators)
7 Detroit Tigers
6 Pittsburgh Pirates
  (Pittsburgh Alleghenys)
5 Texas Rangers
5 Miami Marlins
5 Washington Nationals
4 Kansas City Royals
4 Seattle Mariners
2 Arizona Diamondbacks
1 Milwaukee Brewers
1 Toronto Blue Jays
1 Colorado Rockies
1 Tampa Bay Rays
  (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
1 New York Mets
0 San Diego Padres

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