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The NoNoHitters 30The Chicago White Sox have thrown 18 no-hitters during the franchise’s American League history beginning in 1901, giving the club the No. 3 spot on our NoNoHitters 30 countdown with three days to go until Opening Day.

During the first few AL seasons, the ball club went by the name Chicago White Stockings, a nickname first used by the National League’s Cubs.

James 'Nixey' Callahan

James ‘Nixey’ Callahan

The American League club eventually adopted the shortened White Sox moniker used by local newspapers.

Callahan threw the team’s first no-no, and that Sept. 20, 1902, 3-0 blanking of the Detroit Tigers is also the American League’s inaugural no-hitter. Frank Smith and Mark Buehrle each threw two no-hitters for the Sox.

White Sox pitchers have tossed three perfect games, tying the franchise for tops in the majors with the New York Yankees.

Here is the full list of the Chicago White Sox no-hitters:

1 James "Nixey" Callahan
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Saturday, September 20, 1902 (First game of doubleheader)
Chicago White Sox 3, Detroit Tigers 0
South Side Park (Chicago)
(First American League no hitter)
2 Frank Smith
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Wednesday, September 6, 1905 (Second game of doubleheader)
Chicago White Sox 15, Detroit Tigers 0
Bennett Park (Detroit)
(His first of two no-hitters)
3 Frank Smith
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Sunday, September 20, 1908
Chicago White Sox 1, Philadelphia Athletics 0
South Side Park (Chicago)
(His second of two no-hitters)
4 Ed Walsh
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Sunday, August 27, 1911
Chicago White Sox 5, Boston Red Sox 0
Comiskey Park (Chicago)
5 Joe Benz
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Sunday, May 31, 1914
Chicago White Sox 6, Cleveland Naps 1
Comiskey Park (Chicago)
6 Eddie Cicotte
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Saturday, April 14, 1917
Chicago White Sox 11, St. Louis Browns 0
Sportsman’s Park (St. Louis)
7 Charlie Robertson
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Sunday, April 30, 1922
Chicago White Sox 2, Detroit Tigers 0
Navin Field (Detroit)
(Perfect game)
8 Ted Lyons
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Saturday, August 21, 1926
Chicago White Sox 6, Boston Red Sox 0
Fenway Park (Boston)
9 Vern Kennedy
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Saturday, August 31, 1935
Chicago White Sox 5, Cleveland Indians 0
Comiskey Park (Chicago)
10 Bill Dietrich
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Tuesday, June 1, 1937
Chicago White Sox 8, St. Louis Browns 0
Comiskey Park (Chicago)
11 Bob Keegan
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Tuesday, August 20, 1957 (Second game of doubleheader)
Chicago White Sox 6, Washington Senators 0
Comiskey Park (Chicago)
12 Joel "Joe" Horlen
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Sunday, September 10, 1967 (First game of doubleheader)
Chicago White Sox 6, Detroit Tigers 0
Comiskey Park (Chicago)
13 John "Blue Moon" Odom (5 inn.)
Francisco Barrios (4 inn.)
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Wednesday, July 28, 1976
Chicago White Sox 2, Oakland Athletics 1
Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum (Oakland)
14 Joe Cowley
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Friday, September 19, 1986
Chicago White Sox 7, California Angels 1
Anaheim Stadium (Anaheim)
15 Wilson Alvarez
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Sunday, August 11, 1991
Chicago White Sox 7, Baltimore Orioles 0
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)
(Wilson throws a no-no in his second major league start.)
16 Mark Buehrle
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Chicago White Sox 6, Texas Rangers 0
U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago)
(His first of two no-hitters)
17 Mark Buehrle
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Thursday, July 23, 2009
Chicago White Sox 5, Tampa Bay Rays 0
U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago)
(Perfect game, Buehrle’s second no-no, and the third time he’s faced the minimum 27 batters.)
18 Philip Humber
  Chicago White Sox (AL)
  Saturday, April 21, 2012
Chicago White Sox 4, Seattle Mariners 0
Safeco Field (Seattle)
(Perfect game)

Here’s our list so far from 3 to 30:

No-hitters thrown by franchise

18 Chicago White Sox
  (Chicago White Stockings)
16 Cincinnati Reds
  (Cincinnati Red Stockings/Cincinnati Redlegs)
16 San Francisco Giants
  (New York Gothams/New York Giants)
14 Cleveland Indians
  (Cleveland Bluebirds/Cleveland Naps)
14 Atlanta Braves
  (Boston Red Caps/Boston Beaneaters/Boston Doves/Boston Rustlers/Boston Bees/Boston Braves/Milwaukee Braves)
13 Chicago Cubs
  (Chicago White Stockings/Chicago Colts/Chicago Orphans)
12 Philadelphia Phillies
  (Philadelphia Quakers)
11 Oakland Athletics
  (Philadelphia Athletics/Kansas City Athletics)
11 New York Yankees
  (New York Highlanders/Baltimore Orioles)
11 Houston Astros
  (Houston Colt .45’s)
10 Los Angeles Angels
  (California Angels/Anaheim Angels)
10 St. Louis Cardinals
  (St. Louis Browns/St. Louis Perfectos)
9 Baltimore Orioles
  (Milwaukee Brewers/St. Louis Browns)
7 Minnesota Twins
  (Washington Senators)
7 Detroit Tigers
6 Pittsburgh Pirates
  (Pittsburgh Alleghenys)
5 Texas Rangers
5 Miami Marlins
5 Washington Nationals
4 Kansas City Royals
4 Seattle Mariners
2 Arizona Diamondbacks
1 Milwaukee Brewers
1 Toronto Blue Jays
1 Colorado Rockies
1 Tampa Bay Rays
  (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
1 New York Mets
0 San Diego Padres

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