It’s a busy no-no birthday on April 26, with five pitchers of no-hitters celebrating the day: Ray Caldwell (born in 1888), Jesse Barnes (born in 1892), Virgil Trucks (born in 1917), Sal Maglie (born in 1917) and Mike Scott (born in 1955, turns 60 today).

nonotriviaApril 26 is half of the answer to our trivia question from February 20, which asked what is the date when the most (5) no-no birthdays. The other date is coming up later this season (any guesses?)

Here are the no-hitters pitched by those celebrating birthdays today:

91 of 287 Ray Caldwell
  Cleveland Indians (AL)
  Wednesday, September 10, 1919 (First game of doubleheader)
Cleveland Indians 3, New York Yankees 0
Polo Grounds (New York)
94 of 287 Jesse Barnes
  New York Giants (NL)
  Sunday, May 7, 1922
New York Giants 6, Philadelphia Phillies 0
Polo Grounds (New York)
127 of 287 Virgil Trucks
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Thursday, May 15, 1952
Detroit Tigers 1, Washington Senators 0
Briggs Stadium (Detroit)
(His first of two no-hitters)
129 of 287 Virgil Trucks
  Detroit Tigers (AL)
  Monday, August 25, 1952
Detroit Tigers 1, New York Yankees 0
Yankee Stadium (New York)
(His second of two no-hitters)
135 of 287 Sal Maglie
  Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)
  Tuesday, September 25, 1956
Brooklyn Dodgers 5, Philadelphia Phillies 0
Ebbets Field (Brooklyn)
215 of 287 Mike Scott
  Houston Astros (NL)
  Thursday, September 25, 1986
Houston Astros 2, San Francisco Giants 0
Astrodome (Houston)
(Game clinches National Leauge West division for Astros.)

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