The San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum, who has tossed two career no-hitters, won his second straight Cy Young Award, six years ago today.

Lincecum is one of only three major league pitchers to win consecutive Cy Young Awards and throw multiple no-hitters. Lincecum won his NL Cy Young Awards in 2008-09. His no-hitters, both thrown against the San Diego Padres, came in 2003 and 2004.

The other two pitchers are:

  • Sandy Koufax — Consecutive NL Cy Young Awards from 1965-66, no-hitters for Los Angeles Dodgers in 1962, ’63 and ’64 and a perfect game in ’65
  • Randy Johnson — Consecutive NL Cy Young Awards from 1999-2002, a no-hitter for the Seattle Mariners in 1990 and a perfect game in 2004 for the Arizona Diamondbacks

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