Does Zack Greinke's new contract turn up the heat to toss a no-hitter?

Does Zack Greinke’s new contract turn up the heat to toss a no-hitter?

It appears that if you want to have at least one career no-hitter under your belt these days, it helps to make at least $20 million a season.

Off-season contracts have been skyrocketing lately, and it appears that the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Zack Greinke and the Boston Red Sox’s David Price owe their fans some no-nos. The other two pitchers to net big raises ahead of 2016’s Opening Day, Max Scherzer and Jordan Zimmermann, already notched their no-hitters during their time with Washington Nationals.

Pitcher Team Avg. Salary Year No-nos
Zack Greinke ARZ $34.4 million 2016 0
David Price BOS $31 million 2016 0
Max Scherzer DET $30 million 2016 2
Jordan Zimmermann DET $22 million 2016 1

Of the other pitchers to earn more than $20 million per season, only Cliff Lee, CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka failed to achieve the rare feat:

Pitcher Team Salary Year No-nos
Clayton Kershaw LAD $32.6 million 2015 1
Justin Verlander DET $38 million 2015 2
Johan Santana NYM $25.5 million 2013 1
Cliff Lee PHI $25 million 2013 0
Felix Hernandez SEA $24.9 million 2015 1
CC Sabathia NYY $24.3 million 2010 0
Cole Hamels PHI/TEX $23.5 million 2015 1
Tim Lincecum SFG $22 million 2013 2
Masahiro Tanaka NYY $22 million 2015 0
Matt Cain SFG $21 million 2015 1

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