1912 Lincoln Giants

reddingHappy birthday to “Cannonball” Dick Redding, a Negro Leagues pitcher who threw a no-hitter for the Lincoln Giants in 1912 and likely threw dozens more.

Redding, born on this date in 1890 in Atlanta, no-hit the Cuban Stars in Atlantic City on Wednesday, August 28, 1912, for a 1-0 victory. Redding played for a variety of teams from 1911 through 1928 and has been described as throwing as many as 30 career no-hitters — seven in 1912 alone. Unfortunately, finding box scores for Negro League games is a challenging endeavor, so it’s tough to add more exact dates to our

One other Redding no-hitter was referenced by the New York Press in its story about the August 28 no-no — an August 5 perfect game against the Cherokee Indians during that club’s East Coast barnstorming tour.


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