Amos Rusie

Amos Rusie

Amos Rusie threw the first New York Giants no-hitter, 125 years ago today.

At the Polo Grounds on Friday, July 31, 1891, Rusie no-hit the Brooklyn Grooms for a 6-0 win.

According to the New York Times, Rusie injured his hand just a week earlier and it was feared that he might miss some action, but he asked Capt. Buck Ewing to get the start against Brooklyn. Rusie did walk seven batters, but the Times said that 16 batters were retired on grounders “of a very weak character.”

Also throwing a no-hitter on this date in 188 is the Philadelphia Athletics’ Gus Weyhing, who no-hit the Kansas City Cowboys on Tuesday, July 31, 1888, for a 4-0 win at Philly’s Jefferson Street Grounds.

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